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([personal profile] reaux Aug. 4th, 2011 01:41 pm)
dag yo. haven't posted here in...i don't know how long!

seems LJ went down for a while when i was on vacation last week. i wasn't aware because i was away from the internet, aside from what i could access on my phone!

so. life is going pretty well. i have a good job at a help desk for a hospital, have a good relationship with a really special girl. we were officially together for a while, then i broke things off because...i'm an idiot, then we kind of got back together i guess but nothing's official right now. just letting things happen naturally. it's really, really nice. i have never been able to do this kind of thing successfully before--i get jealous, anxious, nervous, needy--but i don't feel that way this time. it's great.

i also bought my own house! been there for about a month now. it's awesome. little two bedroom row home. i love it! need to start working on painting the walls and all that stuff soon.

so...i don't think anyone but natasha is on my friends list on here, but in case anyone else stumbles across this, hello!


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